Atlantis nursery is founded in 1982 by Rob Scheffers and his brother Aad. In Honselersdijk Rob and Aad started  a nursery of approximately 5000 square yards, they grew Bromelia and Aeschynanthus there. In 1984 Rob and Aad decided to go each theire own way. In 1989 the company moved to a new location and greenhouses with a surface of about 10000 square yards at another location in Honselersdijk. At this nursery Rob continues growing Bromelia, and starts growing Medinilla’s. Of both species Rob has his own motherplants now, which allows him to control the entire chain, from cuttings to flowering. In 1992 Rob gets the chance to take over the company of his father in Monster. At this location Rob starts to grow outdoor plants alongside Medinilla’s. in 1999 a new piece of land was perchaced alongside the existing nursery. In 2000 the existing nurseries were demolished and a new nursery was build which contained approximately 20.000 square yards of greenhouses. In 2001 we moved into the new and up to date nursery. In 2003 we started with our own breading program and the search for a new variant of Medinilla. In 2006 Rob bought a neighbouring nursery which expended the company with another 10.000 square yards.