Growing Medinilla’s

Because Medinilla’s natural habitat lies in the Filipines, it’s clear that they love a relatively warm and moist surrounding. In our nursery we take care of the ideal circumstances, so we are able to grow Medinilla’s in the quality you are used from us.

In the time a Medinilla is grown, which takes approximately 40 weeks, the plants go through the complete growing process. During this process the quality of the plants is constantly monitored, so we are able to enticipate every visible change to and need of the plants.

Before plants are delivered they go through a quality check. If a plant doesn’t confirm the quality standard we pursue, the plant won’t leave the nursery. After the last check the plants are packed for transport the way the buyer wants. We check the maturity stage, number of buds, which packing, and other surplus such as stickers or lables of the buyer or exporter.