Company Information

Atlantis nursery is a modern nursery, we have two location from which we operate in Monster. We grow all kinds of flowering and green plants. We specialise in growing Medinilla Magnifica. Just like Neoregelia Flandria these plants are available year round, since lately we also have the Nidularium Fireball in our assortment. besides our year round assortment we also have seasonal products like Vitis and Punica Granatum nana. This will give everybody the opportunity to choose the right plant for the right place yearround. The discription and images are to be found under the tabs “assortment” and “trade information”. With all our products we strive for the optimum growing circomstances, so we are able to deliver a constant quality and availibility. Through the knowledge and technology within our company, we are able to confirm to the standards required concearning quality and are less dependable of the seasonal influences. Therefore you will enjoy your choise longer. To spare  the environment as much as possible, we do everything there after to ensure that there is as little as possible CO² emmision. We make use of natural enemies for suppression of vermin. Because of this there is considerably less chemical resources to be used. Atlantis nursery has been certified  MPS A.

Atlantis nursery is connected to the quality label Decorum. Decorum Plants is a quality label in houseplants, which are produced by a group of 40 leading houseplant growers from the Netherlands.

Because Atlantis nursery has its own breading programme it enables itself to develop new variants of Medinilla. The most important directives are innovation, improvement and appreciation. Because of this the products of  Atlantis nursery have an unique appearance. The products frequently are the ‘finishing touch’ of your interior. For the traders under you, there is much more to tell about our company, we prefer showing it to you so you can see it with your own eye’s,  please contact us for further details.