Welcome to the Medinilla site of Atlantis nursery,

Each interior has it’s own features. Are you interrested in modern or do you seak the warmth of a classic interior? They are choices for the long term, and plants, as living objects, play an important role. What you do not want is searching evey month for the right plant to complement your interior, the people at Atlantis nursery apreciate that. Are you looking for decorative plants with the highest posible quality, which are a supplement concearning your interior whishes for the long term, then you are at the right place. All year round we supply high quality Medinilla magnifica, Neoregelia flandria and also Nidularium fireball variegata and green. Also for changing seasonal product’s, Atlantis nursery is the place to be, it gives you the possibilities to change the mood in your interior according to the seasons. After all, in summer you feel different then in winter, and a nice decoration supports that feeling.

That’s why we made this website for you! For a complete view of all available product’s, images, product specifications and caring tips you can go to the tabs assortment and caring tips. It gives you the opportunity to make the right choises and enjoy your choises longer. Furthermore you will find information about our company, it’s history and further info. Offcourse we will keep you informed about new developments within Atlantis nursery and how you can benefit from that!

Have fun!

 Medinilla Medinilla J'adore